Increasing the efficiency of a growing space is the easiest way to gain additional yield. Next G3N Rolling Benches eliminate multiple aisles by using a single movable aisle. In place of eliminated aisles, up to 40% more bench top space is added. Next G3N offers multiple size benches and rolling beds for both indoor and greenhouse applications.


Greenhouse Benches

The Next G3N Rolling Benches feature side-to-side rolling to minimize aisles and maximize space in your growing area. Produced in the USA, the steel and aluminum frame features height-adjustable legs, optional adjustable trellis, and pre-notched crossbars to implement the optional heat tubes for under bench heating. Pre-punched materials allow for easy assembly.

Available in various widths and can be built to any desired length.


Indoor Benches

The only rolling tables specifically designed for cannabis production. Next G3N has integrated the tray and trellis directly into the bench so it is no longer a poorly designed afterthought. Plastic ebb and flow trays designed for irrigation and irrigation capture and the integrated trellis design features adjustable clamps to hold netting allowing for easy and quick height adjustments. Galvanized steel and aluminum frame produced in the USA and built to last a lifetime.

Available in widths of 4’, 5’ and 6’ and custom lengths.


Custom Rolling Beds

The Next G3N custom rolling beds for no-till organic growing are designed to move effortlessly while holding a substantial amount of weight from soil when either wet or dry. The design also includes integrated adjustable trellis that’s removable for service and planting.

Available in a variety of widths and custom lengths.

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